Annual Meetings and PCC Meetings 2018

Church Annual Meetings plus PCC Meetings

The Church Annual Meetings are the occasions when anyone and everyone is invited to come to speak or hear about their churches. Occasionally - actually, very occasionally, but it does happen - people say to me that they

don’t know what is going on in their churches. Well, this is your opportunity to find out.

I propose the following dates and times

Llanveynoe Wednesday April 11th 7.0pm

Michaelchurch Thursday April 12th 4.00pm

St Margaret’s Saturday April 14th 10.30am

Clodock Tuesday April 17th 6.30pm

Newton Thursday April 19th 7.00pm

Craswall Tuesday April 24th 7.30pm 

All these meetings take place in the church.

Please let the relevant secretary (or me) know of any items you wish to have included bat least a week before the meeting. Matters can only be raised under Any Other Business if they are urgent items that have arisen since the agenda was finalised.

Joint PCC Meeting for the Deanery

It has been suggested that, as most matters that concern one PCC are likely to concern others, and as it has also been noted that it would probably help PCCs to work with others, there will be a Joint Meeting for all PCCs in the Deanery on Saturday June 16th at 10.00am at Peterchurch. I hope this may be a profitable way forward

Other PCC Meetings

It is, of course, open to any PCC to hold additional meetings to discuss matters relevant to that church: if you could let me know when they are happening and what will be on the agenda, that would be a kindness.