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Our mission

Our previous vicar, the Rev'd Preb. Nicholas Lowton, retired at the end of August 2021 and will not be replaced. As the deanery, we have a Pastoral Plan that outlines how forming small clusters of parishes will enable us to thrive and flourish. 

The parishes have looked at their communities and their churches to see how they are already working for God’s Kingdom and how they can develop what they are doing over the next three years. Do please pray for us as move forward together on our pilgrimage of faith.


As Christians, we need to make people feel welcome and wanted. We aim to do this by

  • letting newcomers have details of what goes on in our churches and elsewhere
  • having signs up letting people know where the churches are and when there is a service
  • having prominent displays in the churches letting people know who is who and other basic information
  • having a map in each church showing where the churches in the benefice are
  • making the churches places where everyone can feel at home by extending non-worship use and installing, where possible, loos and kitchens


We are an inclusive church. We want all people to feel valued and involved in the life of the church. We aim to do this by

  • actively seeking the views of children as to how they would like to worship
  • supporting and developing the Sunday School
  • encouraging young musicians to help lead worship
  • have a greater lay contribution to worship including reading, leading prayers etc


Our worship needs to be living and lively. We aim to enrich our regular pattern of worship by

  • celebrating feast days
  • having services for children
  • holding animal blessings, Celtic services, thematic meditations etc
  • having a regular pattern of Prayers for Peace & Healing Services etc
  • giving public witness by holding services outdoors

Teaching & Learning

We need to assist each other on our pilgrimage of faith by listening to the good news and helping others to hear it. We aim to do that by

  • having Bible study at times of year other than Advent and Lent
  • having a series of lectures
  • having a book club to explore important themes
  • sharing our own faith experiences
  • spreading news of the Sunday School
  • supporting national events like the Women’s Day of Prayer
  • having a selection of books for children in church


We need to look after and encourage those around us. We aim to do this by

  • inviting individuals to join in the life of the church
  • supporting special services in other churches in the benefice
  • using local suppliers and services


We all must do what we can to make the world a better and a fairer place. We aim to do this by

  • raising money on a benefice-wide basis
  • supporting the Community Larder
  • using Fairtrade products
  • distributing information electronically wherever possible
  • looking to support local charities
  • looking to support agencies and charities involved in the education of women
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